Notes for parents about Months of the Year
Almost all of the songs written for children today are written in a major key. Typically, children describe major music as sounding ‘happy’. It is important in a child’s musical development for them to hear other tonalities, that’s why this song is written in a minor key. The lyrics are neutral - neither happy nor sad - but the music does have a ‘sad ‘edge to it. While singing along with minor songs, children use their voices to sing half and whole steps in different places than they do when singing in major keys. This helps their sense of pitch, which leads to better singing in tune. Also, remembering which month to sing loudly calls their attention to the dynamics (louds and softs) within music, and helps children realize that music does have more than one volume.

Months of the Year
words and music by Joy Hess

I’ll sing you a song about the months of the year.
It’s a simple song - just listen here.
The song is short, as you will see,
So listen carefully, then sing with me.

It goes:
January, February, March and April,
May, June, July, August, too.
September, October, November, December:
These are the months of the year.

What’s your birthday month? Tell me, when is your birthday?
This time when we sing, be sure to sing it real loud.
Sing the other months soft,
but when we come to your birthday month,
Sing it out, strong and clear and loud.