Notes for parents on Bubble Bath:
My goal for this piece was to use chromatic modulation in the verses and also to throw in some syncopated rhythms that are atypical of children’s music. In addition, I thought a song that used sequences to tell a little story would be fun because children love to put things in order (think, Dora the Explorer: First we… next we… then we…).

Bubble Bath
words and music by Joy Hess

The other day I was playin’ outside.
Diggin’ in the dirt and makin’ mudpies.
I was havin’ lots of fun when out came my mom.
She said, “It’s time for your bath”.
OH NO! I have to get clean!
But wait… I do like to take bubble baths!
Okay, it’s time for my…

chorus: Bubble bath, bubble bath, I’ll take a bubble bath today.
Bubble bath, bubble bath, and while I take my bath I play.

First we turn on the water and pour in the soap.
That should make lots of bubbles - I can only hope!
Then I throw in all my toys - one by one by one, into my…


Now I sit down in the water - it feels great to splash!
I think I’ll make a bubble beard - don’t forget the mustache!
My toys are hiding underneath the bubbles,
I’ll see if I can find them, in my…


Now it’s time to wash my hair and scrub between my toes.
Next I’ll wash my whole body and put bubbles on my nose.
Time to drain the water and get dried off.
Wow! I smell great! Thanks to my…